Red Tea Vs Green Tea:Should I Drink Red Tea?

If you are the person like me who always get confused on what tea should we drink, then this post will clear all your doubt and will help you to choose your detox drink.There are several types of tea present in the market like red tea, black tea, and green tea.Should I drink green tea?Is black tea is bad?Red tea Or Green tea which one is better? Should I replace green tea with red tea?people, always ask this type of question on the forum.I decided to write one separate blog post that will answer all your questions.

Red tea is made up of rooibos tea.Rooibos bush found in sound Africa.Red tea is not classified as ‘tea’ as it does not come from the tea plants.Teste of Rooibus drink is similar to tea, and hence people call it a red tea.Green tea is very popular in China and other Asian countries.Red tea comes from rooibus leaves while black tea and green tea originated from the same tea plant.The main difference between black tea and green tea is they both processed differently.Red tea is antioxidant-rich it has good amount iron, magnesium, calcium and other healthy minerals.

red tea vs green tea

Red tea is caffeine free drink.Red tea has a good amount of calcium mineral hence it is very helpful for bones and hair.Red tea is best remedies for insomnia as it is caffeine free.Red tea is beneficial to treat high blood pressure, insomnia problem.Red tea is tasty, and you can drink it without adding sugar to it.Sugar-free red tea is helpful for preventing and controlling diabetes.Green tea is also rich in antioxidants, but the problem with green tea is that it contains caffeine.If you have high blood pressure, insomnia problem then green tea is bad for you.Red tea is cheaper than green tea, and it is easily available in the market.Overall I find red tea is better than black tea and green tea.Read this red tea detox review to find more information on red tea.

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